Our Radiation Oncologist

Teri Reed, MD is the Radiation Oncologist caring for our patients. Her primary focus is
providing them with an environment that is conducive to optTeri Reed, MDimal recovery.

Dr. Reed is Board Certified in Radiation Oncology. She graduated from the University of California—San Francisco School of Medicine. In addition to her Residency training, Dr. Reed has completed two Fellowships. One Fellowship explored the use of Hyperthermia in the treatment of solid tumors. This aspect of her education was under the auspices of the National Institute of Health. Dr. Reed also completed a Fellowship in Addiction Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin, in the Department of Psychiatry, with a special focus on pain management in the addicted population.

Dr. Reed has been a Medical Director in the Southwest since 1993. She brings a holistic approach to treating cancer patients, and is particularly knowledgeable about Alternative and  complimentary therapies. She has worked with diverse populations of indigent people in multiple locations and has a special interest in cross-cultural medicine.